All results of the Timber Construction European Championship

The award ceremony for the European Competition for Carpenters 2022 will take place on 8 July at DACH+HOLZ International in Cologne. As soon as the results of the current European Championship are known, the results will be entered here. 

Since the European Championship of Carpenters has existed, there is an individual ranking and a national ranking. All results can be found here in the following tables.

Individual classification

Year Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1994 Nuremberg (D) A. Schötzer (I) Gantner (FL)  Joterau (F)
1996 Friedrichshafen (D) W. Zumkehr (CH) S. Rupp (CH) P. van Whyl (CH)
1998 Klagenfurt (A) H. Rechensteiner (CH) T. Denous (F) R. Rutshauser (CH)
2000 Epinal (F) G. Koller (CH) M. Rieger (D) D. Bunter (CH)
2002 Bruneck (I) S. Schoch (CH) J. Samaras (D) A. Bodemann (CH)
2004 Basel (CH) J. Lahaye (F) M. Hürbin (CH) E. Etter (CH)
2006 Luxemburg (L) A. Wenger (CH) H. Gysel (CH) C. Recordet (F)
2008 Klagenfurt (A) P. Schwarz (CH) T. Schleicher (D) / S. Roth (CH)
2010 Bruneck (I) F. Parent (F) P. Stich (D) J. Kissling (CH)
2012 Stuttgart (D) A. Fichter (D) Y. Petersen (D) S. Oppliger (CH)/M. Demise (F)
2014 Grenoble (F) S. Rehm (D)/T. Quentin (F) K. Weidner (D)
2016 Basel (CH) K. Hofacker (D) F. Nock (CH) F. Kaiser (D)
2018 Luxemburg (L) A. Bruns (D) R. Bieler (CH) L. Nafz (D)
2022 Köln (D)      

Nations ranking

Year Location 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1994 Nürnberg (D) Italy France Liechtenstein
1996 Friedrichshafen (D) Switzerland France Germany
1998 Klagenfurt (A) Switzerland France Deutschland
2000 Epinal (F) Switzerland France Italien
2002 Bruneck (I) Switzerland Germany France
2004 Basel (CH) Switzerland France Austria
2006 Luxemburg (L) Switzerland France Austria
2008 Klagenfurt (A) Switzerland Germany France
2010 Bruneck (I) France Germany Switzerland
2012 Stuttgart (D) Germany Switzerland Frankreich
2014 Grenoble (F) Germany/ France Switzerland
2016 Basel (CH) Germany France Austria
2018 Luxemburg (L) Germany France Switzerland
2022 Köln (D)