Welcome from the President

Dear European Championship participants, dear visitors from all over the world,


For the fourth time - after 1994, 1996 and 2012 - the European carpentry competition will be held in Germany. Cologne will be the venue for the 14th European Carpentry Competition in 2022. From 5 to 8 July, the metropolis on the Rhine will be dominated by timber construction and the carpentry trade. Young carpenters from six European countries will compete in front of an international audience to become the best in their field. 


The Timber Construction European Championships will be a large and exciting competition in which teams from various European countries will demonstrate the skills they have acquired and tested many times over. They have been preparing for these competition days for a long time, attending public training sessions and refining and specifying their craft. On site at the DACH+HOLZ International trade fair in Cologne, it is important to keep one's nerve, to concentrate and to execute the competition task correctly in the prescribed time with professional knowledge and expertise. Anyone who has been to a public training session of a national carpentry team knows how much strength, stamina and courage it takes to prepare for this competition and to face the competition. It is impressive to see the calm and precision with which the young carpenters go about their work. Both the teams and their coaches deserve our recognition and thanks for the fact that they are committed to their regular work and invest a lot of time to represent their craft and their country in the best possible and appropriate way. The competition shows how much expertise and craftsmanship the European carpentry trade has. I wish all participants good luck, but also fun in the competition.


A heartfelt thank you both to the promoters and sponsors who have made the staging of the European Carpentry Championships possible and to all those who are taking care of the organisation and implementation. 


I wish all visitors to DACH+HOLZ 2022 and the European Carpentry Championships exciting and varied days with many new impressions of timber construction and thrilling moments at the professional competition. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the competition atmosphere at first hand.


Peter Aicher

President Timber Construction Europe